Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Visit to the House of Moses

Today we went to the House of Moses, this is something that Sophie and Mary Leslie have been doing since they came to Zambia. Every Wednesday they head over to the orphanage, and just hold and love babies. They both have their very favorites! Infact, the very first time I went with them I was invited to go, but I could not hold Natasha! Because that is Sophie's special little girl that she just loves on every week. Mary Leslie has a few that she loves to cuddle and hold.

What a priviledge to just be able to go in to the orphanage and love on these little ones.

The precious little hand of Deborah, that I held the entire time!

Here is the cutest smile from little Deborah!  Sophie thinks Natasha is the cutest, I'm not so sure!  I think this little girl stole my heart!  I think I need to bring her home to one of my kids!

Mary Leslie hanging out with the kids on the blankets.

Now do these future momma's look happy?

Or this Grandma?

Does it get any better than this?

All the kids having lunch, they all have their bowl of nshima, which they scoop up with their hands and stuff into their little mouths.  The gal in the back is holding one of the twins I held last time, that has to be 18 months and weighs only 9-10 pounds.  Her twin brother is just in front of the caregivers head, they both need to be fed their nshima.

I have been blessed to be able to hold, and love on these little ones today!

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